• Manage up to 10 twitter accounts.
  • Send automatic replies to people on twitter.
  • Send direct messages to qualified leads.

Alright, so it seems you don’t have a team, and don’t need team access and so you don’t want to pay for that. We totally understand, not everyone has a team on the first day of their business.

But we still want you to have those traffic superpowers that can automate and bring you more traffic. So we are going to remove the team feature and give you everything else at an amazing price!

Here’s what you will get in TrafficSnap ACE.

Working in multiple niches? Got different products or segments? You’ll need multiple twitter accounts to market and pull traffic for all your products and niches. The PRO version gives you the capability to work with up to 10 twitter accounts at the same time.

It’s as easy as selecting an option from the dropdown, and you’ll be able to add on a new identity.

All the features including scheduling, replies, mentions etc. will work with all your accounts.

This feature is very important for you if you wish to scale up and expand your business horizontally as well as vertically.

Here’s one powerful way to quickly grab qualified leads. Send them a reply! When someone mentions a product, or a brand, or a service that you are selling, won’t it be great if you can immediately reach out to that person?

It’s like being present where the market demand is. That can help you get many more sales without any work at all.

Automatic replies are a powerful feature, and something you totally need to make your success 30x!

Here’s something even more engaging than automatic replies. Direct messages!

With the PRO version of TrafficSnap. You can send Direct messages to your leads on Twitter right from inside TrafficSnap. That’s ultra powerful as it lets you reach out and make sure the leads know about you 100%.

Make sure you have the PRO version to unlock this twitter marketing superpower.

These features will help you get more traffic and grab more customers right from the first day itself. They are certainly worth a lot more than what we are charging you here, so please make sure that you grab this one 100% and get the returns that you should get.

TrafficSnap ACE

Nothing To Lose Guarantee!

Get TrafficSnap ACE, and use the extra enhancements for up to 30 days. If you don’t love the traffic that it gets you, just create a ticket at http://teknikforce.com/support and we will refund all your money! No delays or questions!